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An Update…

Posted September 25, 2011 - By | Leave a comment

So, it’s been a little quiet around here. I mean, I’ve been adding some images here and there but haven’t said much on what I’m doing so, I figured I’d let you know. Aside from continuing to work on some personal projects, seems I’ve joined forces with an up and coming game ...

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A new beginning…

Posted January 24, 2011 - By | Leave a comment

Well, it finally happened. I knew this was coming for years (literally) and yet was still a bit surprised by it. And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit saddened by it… However, the only real surprise is that it lasted as long as it did and, truth […]

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It’s about time!

Posted August 16, 2010 - By | Leave a comment

Finally, after plenty of talking about putting up a website, I have begun. This will be a place to showcase my work as I begin to seek employment in the wonderful world of 3D, as well as anything else I may find interesting. Hopefully those viewing the pages within my site will find something interesting […]

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