Rhino Retiarius

I tried to stay faithful to the Retiarius (net & trident) class of Gladiator with this guy.

Here is the High Poly sculpt rendered with the Zbrush BPR renderer and passes composited in Photoshop. Very soon I will begin work on the low poly mesh.


  • Adam November 19, 2013

    Is this a figure or statue? Is it for sale? I am definitely interested.

    • rynomyte November 26, 2013

      Hi Adam,

      Actually I am planning on making a 3D print of this guy…Just trying to find the time. Will most likely be available at ZVerse.com when available. Thanks for the interest!

  • Bryan July 14, 2014

    Really, really like this piece. Are you any closer in having it produced? I collect Rhino’s and this would be a great addition to my collection,

    Thanks for your time,


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